Cathodal Aluminium


Typical Mechanical Properties and Tolerances

All of our Cathodal Aluminium Sheets are produced by Hot- and Cold rolling

on state-of-the-art equipment to meet our customers needs. In years of

Improving our products we have managed to improve the hardness of our

sheets to suit the rough conditions in zinc refineries.

Production standard: EN 573-3, 485-1,2 and 4

UTS (min): 100 160 MPa (depending on the sheet thickness / alloy)

TYS (min): 90 140 MPa (depending on the sheet thickness / alloy)

Elongation (min): 8%

Thickness-Tol.: +/- 0,20mm

Width/Length: +/- 2,00mm

Flatness: 1mm/m max

Surface: clean surface, commercial quality for zinc refineries


Our Cathodal Aluminium Sheets are standardized in three different grades (Others available on request)