Zinc Smelting Industry Products



Zinc material on the periodic table. Part of a series.



Zinc Smelting

Aluminium Cathodes and Components for the Zinc smelting industry 

– semi-finished products made of aluminium, copper and its alloys

– drop forgings made of aluminium, brass, steel and stainless steel

– Casting parts made of non-ferrous and ferrous alloys, steel and stainless steel

– stamped or bended parts

– Component assembly for railway technology

– Die castings made of aluminium und zinc

– Deep drawn parts

– Sinter parts

– Component assembly

– Individual logistics and warehousing concepts

– Supply management and logistics worldwide



VDM manufactures cathode assemblies according to customer drawings and material data sheets.

The cathode assembly consists of:

1. Cathodal Aluminium Sheet

2. Header Bar

3. Cu/Al U-shaped contact

4. Edge protection system

5. Components Stripping Aid

7. Liquid zone protection (optional)